19 Jan 2020

IMG_2216Min -2.5˚ Max 26.2˚(it was 12.2˚ when I was there…)
Wowzer, what a glorious day – granted cold but sooo sunny. I’m rather grateful to this downturn in temperature. The plum tree is a tad confused and has opened some of it’s blossom. If it had been tempted to flower some more we might not be having early plums this year. Also in still in flower are the calendula and borage. Charles Dowding – who I am now going to refer to as CD* – says this is the perfect time to tidy your raised beds. Hoe am I to argue! See what I did there?
Harvested: lettuce, leeks, a solitary new potato, parsnips, spinach and curly kale. Got to confess the latter two are actually on my doorstep at home.
Sowed: nothing. CD says wait for Valentines Day. His calendar now adorns the polytunnel and his diary is on my bookcase. This year, Monty has pride of place in the kitchen, of course…
*I was going to call him CD1, as in Obi Wan, but when you say it out loud…
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know….

For those who follow my blog, yes it’s been a while. Apologies. I’ve been inspired by a colleague to get back on it. And it is rather useful being able to refer back to what you did this time last year. Fingers crossed I can maintain the entries a little longer than May this year.

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