May 12th 2019

Temp: Well, according to the current ‘fake news’ thermometer, it said Max. 42.5˚ Min. 0.8˚

Rainfall: 21mm

Another beautiful day on the lottie. A wonderful sight of ripened strawberries greeted me as I opened the poly tunnel door. There is nothing so deliciously sweet as a warm, ripe strawberry plucked and eaten straight from the plant. Hubs asked optimistically if I will make strawberry jam this year. Very few will make it home to a dish, they are the growers reward! They are also my annual ‘ground rent’ as it is tradition that my Dad gets the first strawberries – well, almost the first. Considering they are in baskets there were a couple that had been nibbled… those swine get everywhere.

This has been my only visit of the week so a few things were incredibly dry in the polytunnel.  I tested the newly acquired drill-powered pump to water it and it was pretty much a success. The drill didn’t get too warm, though I’m not sure how long a fully charged battery will last as the one I used wasn’t completely charged. I just need to get my soaker hoses into place, oh and buy a drill because Hubs is not going to let me use his permanently lol.


The borlotti beans, cabbages, cauli’s and broccoli have all germinated. Earthed up the potatoes and hoed all the other beds. Planted out the vegetable spaghetti and caulis – covered with fleece because I don’t have the time to harden these babies off properly. That’s the downside of not living really close to the allotment.

Sown: carrots.

Harvested: Strawbs (!), radishes, asparagus, lettuce, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots and spinach.

At dinner tonight Hubs confessed he’s not enjoying the spinach, which is a shame because it grows so well! If you’ve got any good recipe recommendations please let me know.

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