April 21 2019

Temp / Rainfall – see Good Friday post

Another beautiful day. Good job there’s four days off – what with visits to rellies, Easter Egg hunts, painting fence panels and gardening at home to fit in. The lawn mower managed to pack up the moment I finished cutting the grass. I have decided to leave the centre of my small, circular lawn to grow long. If I were given to assigning human emotions to inanimate objects I would say it got the hump. With a bit of luck I will get it repaired in time for the next cut, which should be in a fortnight’s time if the weather forecast is to be believed. With all that promised rain it will be a foot high all over…

Back to the lottie. The strawbs are coming on nicely so I’m keeping up with the watering on those. I would be tempted to put them outside now if I had somewhere to hang them from. I saw on Instagram another grower covered their berries with little organza-type pouches to keep slugs off. I think I will stick with hanging baskets.

Welsh Onions

Sown: More peas and Dwarf French beans (one row green, one row purple) straight into the ground. Curious to see if the beans currently in the polytunnel have much on these in the way of growth by the end of the month.

Planted out: Beetroot and leeks.

Harvested: Lettuce, carrots, rhubarb and a bit of purple sprouting broccoli.

The turnips have germinated and at long last, the butternut squash are putting in an appearance. Though they have been outdone by the soya beans, which have wasted no time at all in germinating.

I’d taken up my paper copy of the planting plan to check all the beds and crops – I have a copy on my phone but to be sure I took the original (!)  I feel as though I should be sowing more seeds but having checked, everything seems to be there more or less (one half-bed of carrots is in the wrong place) or waiting in the wings. In hindsight I could probably have done with sowing more celeriac and the first lot of cauli’s did get eaten. So just some cabbages, more caulis, and another round of lettuce to sow, for the moment, I think. I will trawl through the seed tin tomorrow…

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